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What Can You Expect On a Caribbean Trip?

caribbean tripThe Caribbean is a total paradise dream. The region is made up of 30 island territories and thousands of more islets, cays and reefs, and also the Caribbean Sea.

Each island has its own rich history and influence. Some islands are popular for their white sands while others are popular as a scuba diving and fishing destinations. Most tourists who love the Caribbean tend to go island to island as they want to get a more in-depth experience of the region and the people too.

If you are looking to escape the northern winter then a Caribbean trip the way to go. The weather is warm and sunny and is a perfect time to escape your home and have a great adventure.

What to Expect

If you are travelling on a budget, better choose 2-star rooms that cost around $80 a night. You can also check Airbnb and find homes for as little as $50 if you are lucky enough, then that is a very good deal.

For transportation, expect to pay an average of $3 with a local bus service. Otherwise, you can always use private taxis to and from the hotel. For getting between islands, you have the option to either fly or use the local ferry system.

There is also an option to go on a cruise to visit the Caribbean. With good planning and searching for the right deal in advance, you may find a cruise for as little as $50 a day. The only downside to a cruise though is that you are going to be restricted by a schedule so you may not be able to totally immerse yourself in the area.